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Experimental Brewing podcast Episode 29

It’s listener feedback time (and thanks everyone for your survey responses)! In the pub we talk through the importance of glassware, catching Denny in St. Louis, and hey what are your brew year’s resolutions? In the library, we talk about a new Brewer’s Alamanc focused on plants and just where do we get beer styles from?

In the lab, we announce our next experiment - the great keg purge! Does the way you purge your kegs impact the way your beers age?

In the lounge, we visit with Van Havig, brew master at Portland’s Gigantic Brewing where we talk Gin IPAs, MixBot and the Plague.

We tackle more of your questions in our Q&A segment and then Denny quickly tips with Kai’s Conversion Efficiency Calculation before we close out with two of Drew’s recent favorite podcasts - LifeAfter and Crime Town.

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