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Experimental Brewing podcast Episode 24

know how we said we were getting back to our “usual” format? Ha! Today
we blow it up again because y’all sent in so many great questions. So
many in fact, that we’ve split the Q&A into two episodes.

first, before we dive into your questions, Denny grabbed a seat on a
bus next to Gary Glass, Director of the American Homebrewer’s
Association to talk about the AHA’s new phone app - Brew Guru - and why
you want to put it on your magical sci-fi pocket computer.

we get into your questions. For convenience’s sake we’ve divided the
questions into general topic categories. This episode we tackle
Fermentation, Ingredients and the Mash. And hey, we even have our first
“live” caller! Aren’t we fancy?

Don’t forget to come back for Episode 25 when we tackle even more questions (plus some other cool content!)

Episode Links:

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Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Our Sponsors

00:03:03 On The Hop Bus with Gary Glass

00:12:43 Fermentation Questions

00:58:08 Ingredient Questions

01:17:27 Mash Questions

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