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Experimental Brewing Podcast 81 - Uncommon Comon With 10 Mile

After our adventures down in Australia, it’s time to get local again with Ten Mile Brewing in Signal Hill, California. Drew sits down with Dan Sundstrom to talk how the brewer got started and why they have a focus on tradition including their attempts to bring the Kentucky Common to California.

But first we’ve got to cover the bad beer news and some brewing for a good cause news before we borrow a quick tip from
Chino and a quick tip of a book series that Drew now has to wait to be finished.

Great episode to listen as I was racking brews to kegs! I really enjoy Trillium… flowers… and after this bit of news I don’t have a very high regard for a brewery for, gaming the system… how is it said… hooray for me and screw you? Shame on them…
I hope recovery is going good Denny… Get you out of the woods so you can belly up and have a brew! Perhaps, that moment can be captured for the next episode? Sneezles61

Thanks! I had a pint of my own beer the other to celebrate Repeal Day. Still not quite walking well enough to go out. Maybe next week!

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