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Experimental Brewing Episode 84 - Answering All the Questions

There are a great many questions in the universe - why are we here? What are
we doing? What the hell just happened with my beer?!? We’ll tackle last category, because we’re terrible at moral philosophy!

Sit back, it’s time for a dive through a bunch of questions

Denny, who is that playing some of the back ground modern surfer music? Your earlier podcasts had more of that wonderful music sprinkled about… I really enjoy it! Sneezles61

Well, there’s a question I can’t answer! I don’t know who it is. We subscribe to a music library and it comes from that. I spend an hour or 2 a week auditioning tracks. We decided early on that we liked the surf vibe. Great to hear you do too!

I would have a couple hours a day checking that music out… I’ll need to see if can find this genre. Thank you! Sneezles61
surf rock

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