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Experimental Brewing Episode 46 - Chilling Out in Chile

It’s time to swing way South of the Border and head to Chile with Denny as he attends the 2nd Annual South American Cup in Santiago, but first we look at your canning feedback. In the pub, we sit down with a couple of special beers (and Drew gets to be right!), talk about Ostrich boot based silliness, bootleggers in Peru (Indiana) and what the new model of
acquisitions seems to be currently with Lagunitas buying part of Shorts and Brooklyn, 21A and Funkwerks teaming up.

In the library, we take a swing around Dr. Charlie Bamforth’s recent speech in Australia about Craft Beer and the things he thinks brewers really need to be focusing on. While in the Brewery we talk about the upcoming Green Hop
extravanganza from YCH Hops.

And then in the lounge, we sit back and listen to Denny’s memories of his trip to Chile and we even hop in the back of a crowded vehicle shepharding Denny to the foot of the Andes mountains and Tübinger Brewery in the middle of some of the world’s premier wine country. While there Denny talks with Chris Flaskamp about the brewery and his beers.

Finally we race over Q&A because hey - you should be getting us questions for Episode 48!

But we do take a moment to hit a quick tip about saving your beer forreview and Drew drops two things in Something Other - a podcast about interviewing (The Turnaround with Jesse Thorn) and the return of last year’s mention from youtube - the very charming “Alice in Paris”.

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