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Experimental Brewing Episode 20

This episode we start getting back to our regular podcast format (ok,
mostly), but we start in the pub where we talk the massive changes in
the beer industry last week because this time they’re near and dear to
Denny’s heart. From there we go off to the lounge with an interview at
San Francisco’s Ferment Drink Repeat (who for the record are not
sellouts - they’re awesome). What sorta crazy person creates a homebrew
shop and brewery? Well, listen and find out!

After the lounge, it’s time for a Q&A where we tackle brewers questions about Saison,
getting their Red on, style guidelines and why sometimes brewers can be
dicks. We come back to our “Something Other Than Beer” segment with
Netflix inducing massive nostalgia in Drew and we close out with a tip
from a South African listener about how to deal with the whole multiple
keg carbonation issue.

To download this episode directly, go to Episode 20 - Ferment, Drink, Sellout, Repeat | Experimental Homebrewing

Awesome! Thanks for answering my style guidelines question!

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