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Experimental Brewing Episode 101 - Live from Hop & Brew School

Another year has passed and Denny’s visited one of his happy places! On this very special episode, Denny and Drew sit down and discuss what’s to be seen, heard and learned in the town that hops built. In the second half of the show, we go live to the lunch and learn podcast conducted in a soon to be filled hop warehouse. Learn more about the industry from some
of the key players at Yakima Chief Hops, learn more about hops from John Palmer and hear from our drawing winner, Cassie Salinas about spending her first wedding anniversary in the hop fields!

Denny, I’ve got to ask a dumb question… Has anyone taken time to make a hop tea… doesn’t need to be a large quantity, and check to see if it has sugars with a hydrometer reading? Sneezles61
EDIT, referring to the hop creep phenomenon

As far as I know, no one has done that. I think if there are any sugars there would be so little that they’d be almost impossible to measure with a hydrometer. And I’m not certain there are any. I know there are diastatic enzymes, though,

I agree. Although not much is known about hop creep the consensus is the diastatic enzymes that cause it.

So we are talking, some hops have the ability to break down some of the long sugar chains that weren’t affected earlier and make it available for the yeast to consume? Fascinating! Sneezles61

It’s actually been known since the 1800s. We discussed on the podcast here…Episode 12 - Going Stale | Experimental Homebrewing. This paper is from 1941 and talks about it, along with maltase in hops…

Thank you Denny. Sneezles61

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