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Experimental Brewing 85 - The Attack of the Peruvian Guinea Pig Death Flu

It’s finally happened! Denny and Drew have simultaneously been felled by the specter of Peruvian Guinea Pig Death Flu!

In light of our incapacitation, we offer you these choice revists to topics we’re still talking about today! We look our grain age experiment, taste some beers brewed with and without hop constraint, and look at yeast genetics. Don’t fret - Episode 86 is being prepped and should be a grand return to form!

00:04:24 The Lab: Grain Age Impact on Brewing

00:18:13 The Lab 2: Whirlpool Hopping Experiment with Short Circuited Brewers

00:50:06 Lounge: Yeast Genetics with Sui Generis

Get well. We will be here…

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And please remember, guinea pigs don’t like to be in a cage! :grin: What goes around… comes around. Sneezles61

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Peruvian flute bands are supposed to keep these monsters at bay.

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