Experimental Batch - Looking for Thoughts

Thinking about trying to create a Chocolate/caramel type brew but one that has a light feel to it. I am thinking something like a shiner bock where you have a darker color but a light feel. Short story is it will be sort of an experiment but I am not sure what base extract I should use and what hops and yeast.

Here is what I am thinking for a 5 gallon batch:

  • NB Wheat Malt Syrup 3.15 lbs.
  • Briess Wheat DME 1 lb.
  • Briess Extra Special Malt - 1 lb. crushed
  • Briess Caracrystal Wheat Malt - 1 lb. crushed
  • Briess Chocolate Malt - 1 lb. crushed
  • D-90 Candi Syrup - 1 lb. (Added with 5mins left in boil)

Now I am not looking for anything hoppy but don’t mind some hoppy aroma (I do not want bitterness but want some balance). So here is what I am thinking for Hops:

  • UK Fuggle Hop Pellets (1oz at 60mins)
  • Willamette Hop Pellets (0.5oz at 15mins to end of boil)
  • Willamette Hop Pellets (0.5oz at end of boil)

For yeast I am thinking:

  • Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley Ale

And for the secondary I am thinking either 2oz or 4oz of coco nibs.

So looking for thoughts and inputs.

Anybody have any inputs or comments. Looking for thoughts, ideas suggestions. YOu all have much more experience than I do so I am hoping somebody might be able to tell me if any part of my plan is good or bad…

I don’t do extract any more… But, if you’re wanting darker color without the darker/roasty notes, you could probably just cold steep some carafa and use a lighter extract. You should get the color without the roastiness. I’d probably just use a pale malt extract for the base too. But FWIW, I haven’t brewed extract in 16 yrs…

Thank you for the input- I was thinking about a lighter base extract as well- still between that and the wheat extract.

This beer sounds intriguing. If you brew it, please let us know how it turns out. I’m a big fan of bocks, but I don’t have the ability to lager…YET. If you get what your after…ima steal this beer for sure.

good luck…Namaste

Well I have not had a chance to make it as of yet- had two others I needed to make. I will get to this one next. One note I am not usign a lager yeast -I am using Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley Ale yeast.

So we shall see. Gonna be a while cause of the fact that I have other items in the pipeline.