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Experiment yeast washing

@wilcolandzaat I think you would like the wheat strains which have a great profile at 80F

You know you can just leave about 1/2" of beer cap and shrink those jars even more

Haha I was going to say, β€œwhat a clean fridge!” @squeegeethree

I generally make a 2 liter starter with a new yeast package and then just divide that into a few mason jars. I will use one of them to create a new starter for brew day and sometimes will even make that starter about 500ml larger so I can save that as well. Works for me.

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Let me check this out.

Me do5 days before brew day make my starters. Make sure got allways 2 ready. Now got the rinsed or washed yeast. Ready. So friday or saturday. Will brew a stout. Will add a fresh yeast and a rinsed yeast. To the fermentor. Plan on a vanilla choconib stout. Og 1.070

Will ask my brew buddy to bring some down.

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