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Experiment pilsner beer

Few weeks ago did a pilsner beer. See if this would go with the hot climit. Here on island. A five gall batch. With a pilsner yeast. Did not use kveik. Just to see if this works. Well yesterday. Took a sample. Guess this did not work. Did a og 1 055. Fg needed to be 1.013. Mm stuck at 1.022 just give it one more week

What’s your fermentation temp

Way to high for pilsner beers. 80 to 100. Sort of did know temp way to high. Next batch gonna try it again with kviek yeast. This works perfect for me. Here on the island. Haha if i get A other fridge for temp control. My wife will chop of my head. Got all ready a kegurator so a extra. Fridge. Not possible

Oh I see. Don’t you have refrigeration or ice for a swamp cooler?

Yes do a swamp cooler. For the first 10 days. Did use the wlp 800. Lager yeast.

You could try your pilsner recipe with ale yeast

Will do next time. What i might try is. Condition yeast. See if it goes again. Its no big deal. Just to see if. Pilsner works here on bonaire. Guess stick to the ale beers

What was the temperature in the swamp cooler? I’ll do 10 days lager temp then let it warm a bit it comes out good. Lagers take time. Other than the high FG how was the taste?

Mmm could taste the yeast. Ice water at 62 fh.

If you were fermenting at 62 then let it ride to 100 I’ll bet the yeast went into shock. Try it again keeping the temp in the swamp cooler for 3 weeks. It should finish.

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Been reading about a cooling jacket. Around the fermentor. This might be a option. For pilsner beers

Good idea. Nothing better than a pilsner when it’s hot out.

That may be a project to do some thinking and checking on… If a carboy would some how fit in a cooler… For the peeps without temp controller… I’ll check, I still have my old 10 gallon mash tun… Sneezles61

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I used to do just that. Had one of those big white coolers you see on boats. Stood it on its side so it opened like a fridge. The carboy fit inside with a bunch of 2 liter bottles of ice water. Wasn’t perfect but better than the temps I could get just having it in the cellar.

Just checked… My old standard 6.5 gallon better bottle fits inside of my old Gott 10 gallon mash-tun… and about 3/8" all around to spare… I would think, you would remove the spigot, cut a hole in the lid, and you could ferment in that and be able to keep it cold longer… If you left the spigot in, the melting ice would cause the carboy to float… There you Wilco, lager on the inexpensive side, thusly helping you keep your head! :sunglasses: Sneezles61

This arrangement has served me well for ales…I change water bottles to keep it in the low 60s with a thermometer affixed to the side of fermenter with insulation. With some effort it could also be used for lagers. I shroud the whole thing in a sleeping bag.

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