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Experiences with this burner?

For around 60.00 this carolina cooker looks pretty intriguing. I cannot however seems to find any opinions from fellow homebrewers on it stability / quality.

Any one here given this a shot yet? the stand looks similar to the old hurricane burner sold by NB, but it has a banjo burner installed (which by size may be a bit smaller than the KAB series).

Edit: It also look like the burner itself would be closer to the pot without modification like many do with the KAB series.

I’m not familiar with them but the banjo part looks like any other banjo burner. 100,000 BTU is good output. You will burn through some LP with it.

Quality wise since they rate it for 60-100 qt (15-25 gallons) it must be pretty sturdy. The round support on top may not work well with a converted Sanke type keg though.

What I do not see it a valve on the regulator hose. The burner on my 3B system for the boil kettle has a small valve near the regulator to turn down/off the gas. it is very handy when it starts to boil over and to lower the flame a little.

Looks very similar to this… ... urner.html

I agree, Chris…as far as the stand. I wish I could find a pic of the Dark Star burner element, as I don’t believe it to be a banjo type.

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