Experiences with no-boil kits?

I picked up 7 Munton’s no-boil kits today for five bucks each. They’re the hopped liquid malt extract in a can with yeast under the lid. They call for the addition of either DME or sugar.

I realize that these are low-quality products, but I thought I might be able to put them to use. Anybody ever used them and have suggestions?

I’ve never tried them, but if I were in your shoes, I’d try out a bunch of different liquid yeasts. My guess is the yeast that comes with them isn’t particularly interesting. And probably old.

I’ve used a lot of them when I’d run out of beer. Good drinkable beer. +1 on the yeast though. It’ll probably be out of date. I wouldn’t worry about messing with the expense of the liquid though. US05 will give good results. I always add 3 lbs. of dried malt extract and a pound of cornsugar and I’ve gotten some excellent results. That said, don’t expect a reallly great beer. It’s good, drinkable and cheap. That’ll do in a pinch. :cheers: