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Expensive throw away

So I went to a brew shop today that I had never been to before to see what was there. It was nice. Small and quaint with all the normal stuff. Since I am getting ready to move into kegging I asked if they had any kegging gear. The guy said no, except for these one time use kegs. So I had never heard of this before and i moved in to take a closer look. The price tag said $79.99! I looked at the guy and he said “I think I have that mis-priced. I think we need to change that to $29.99”. I said even $29.99 is rather steep for a one time use keg. So I asked again, you mean you use it once and throw it away? He confirmed. I have to assume he will not be selling a whole lot of them. Anyone else ever hear of this one time use keg?

Wtf? I would assume one time used kegs would go for $80 (or more). I’ve never seen one time use kegs. What did they look like?

It was black plastic. I didn’t get a real close look since it was up on the higher shelf. So I don’t know how it’s used and since I had no intention of buying a one time use keg for that much money I didn’t really care to ask.

No kidding. I can only hope it was a typo and an uninformed clerk? I’d pay 80 for a 1 time useD keg in a heartbeat, but not 1 time use… I hate cleaning stuff as much as the next guy, but man…

One time use kegs are being/have been developed and sold commercially mainly on the pitch that the breweries kegs are assets that become hard to track, get lost, damaged, stolen, etc… thus the plastic one time use keg eliminates the tracking of kegs, etc…

You don’t mention which brand of one-time use keg they had but generally for homebrew use it doesn’t make financial sense. I’m surprised a homebrew store was selling them.

Yeah, homebrew stores sell all kinds of crazy stuff. Even Briess malt. Go figure! Everybody knows Rahr is much smoother. Plus it comes from Montana, so there you go.

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