Evil Twins Molotov Cocktail

New favorite IIPA. Simcoe is an amazing hop.

Yah definitely an excellent brew.

Dangerously delicious! My local place had Molotov Cocktail and Molotov Light on side by side… :cheers:

I have wanted to try the lite…but I don’t want it to tarnish the fond memories of the non-lite.

From my notes:

Molotov lite- I would drink the hell out of this all day every day

Molotov- Damn, there is no way this should be this good

Molotov single hopped Simcoe- Eh, not so good. Maybe a single hop doesn’t work with this big a beer.

I have to say, though, that Yang was my favorite Evil Twin IPA so far.

I was gifted a bottle of Molotov Heavy by the owner of my local craft pub. 17%abv, malty, almost too sweet but insanely easy to drink for such a big beer!
My wife and I shared it while watching a movie one night…wow!

Simcoe isn’t as good at 4 months old :frowning:

Stale bitter, cat pee, or just absent hop presence?

Overly bitter…with muted hop presence. No cat as there is no citra :wink: