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Evil twin brewery

Stopped in a pub and had a sip of the beer my friend was drinking which was quite tasty. Ordered one for myself and the barmaid told me it was evil twin. I said " that’s the brewery what is the beer?" She said oh it’s toasted lager. Well I don’t believe she was correct. It tasted more Belgian to me. It was straw colored any ideas?

Evil Twin doesn’t have a brewery, they brew at a few different places including Westbrook and Two Roads. They have dozens (hundreds?) of beers.

I know they sub out their brewing and they have a lot of beer but they don’t keg them all do they? I’ll just have to go back and investigate further. It’s not a craft brew pub so it would probably be one of their regular brews.

Not sure if you use the app “Untappd” but you can always do a nearby search to see if someone else has checked it in.

They do have a huge selection, but based on your description, maybe The Cowboy? It’s a smoked Pilsner, and I just bought a 4 pack of it recently. Very subtle smoke flavor, but with a bitterness that’s almost reminiscent of a Pale Ale or a Belgian.

Solid beer in any case, I’d recommend getting some if you see it.

Could be. It was good. I’ll find out next week maybe when I’m out that way again. I’ll post back

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