Everything went right

Yesterday a early brew session. Started around 3 in the morning. With a stout. Later in the day a camacirta ipa. With help of my grandson but everything wentsmooth. Than you start to wonder. Did i forgot something. Brew buddy came over for some. Beers. His car broke down so taxi it was.for him. Pfff decided to spent the night many drinks later. Guess me done brewing this year. Next project. X mas ham turkey preparation for x mas eve


Every once in a while the stars align! I’ll await your tasting notes and pictures in “what are you drinking now” thread…. :beers:

Honestly I usually have smooth brew days rather than bad brew days. Great feelings hitting your numbers and churning out a great beer!

Normally everything goes smooth but indeed a good feeling if you hit the right number escpecially when you do brew two beers in one day. Today me cleaning all the empty kegs. Did check the brews they are busy fermenting


generally everything goes well but I had a few issues recently. Two things happend to my brew system. 1st I had issues with my grinder failing and then needing to dial in my replacment. Secondly I needed to start ordering grains online. Ive been substituting brands which I believe has caused some minor issues. Seems I have everything dialed in now

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