European Beer

I am leaving for two weeks in Europe this weekend and will primarily be in Spain, France and Italy. I have not been to Europe since 1980 so I would love recommendations on “must try” beers.

When last I was in Spain, the beer brand “Mahou”, (pronounced mao), was the prevalent brand, and quite tasty as well.

It started life as a French company I do believe, and was bought up by a big brewin’ consortium.

Lots of excellent red wine in Spain though… :cheers:

Can’t think of a single “must” try beer I’ve ever had in any of those places. The wine on the other hand is a must! Even the low-priced stuff is typically as good as what you’d pay $20 a bottle for in the US.

Try to hop over to Belgium and the Netherlands :cheers:

No pun intended?

I try to avoid the beer while in France. If you’re in Paris and really have to have a beer there’s a British pub across from the Pantheon. It was started by a Brit how lives there and was desperate for a decent beer. That’s about the only one I have been able to find. Good Luck. The others are right though. The wines(even the cheap vin ordinaires are better that almost anything you’ll get in this country.

I was just over there & trust me drink the wine as others here have said after al that is WINE Country! maybe while in France you can find some Belgium Beers to drink (I strongly suggest a Leffe Ruby if you can find it). I am not a wine drinker but I drank a lot of wine in Italy & France and it was so much better than what we drink here in the States.

Budweiser is better than Italian beer trust me … I tried it. (and at 6 Euro a bottle, just not worth it).

Also, ask the locals to suggest what to drink when you have a meal. As long as they are not suggesting something expensive (a particular problem in Italy, where they’ll suggest a nice little extra touch to a meal then charge you through the nose for it), you’ll generally get very good advice.

France has tons of beers from Belgium, plus their own farmhouse style breweries.

+everyone on wine in Spain. The house wine was always good and very reasonable.

The only beer I’ve had in Spain was Estrella Inedit, which is basically a witbier. It came as part of a prix fixe meal and was decent, but nothing I’d go out of my way for.

So far only been in Madrid and had several of the local standards, not terrible but sorta like BMC. The wine is good, and cheap but I am not much of a wine drinker. Did go to a local brew pub where they had a Helles and a Dunkel that were quite good.

The North West of France has tons of beer. Almost an extention of Belgium, but with their own spin on things. Plus you will have access to pretty much any style from the EU. Lots of Belgian stuff kicking around as well as a wide selection from most regions in Europe.

Though, as many of the previous posters have suggested, you will be in some serious wine country!

Nobody is going to recommend Cantillon?? I think it’s at least available in France.

I had a beer in Madrid at a “Jamon” stand, and it was made with Cannabis.