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EstimatIng your false bottom dead space?

My understanding to calculate your dead space you fill your mash-tun up with water On till water just cover the false bottom fit I not mistaken an you take that amount am and measure it. So if my calculation is right my dead space is 0.25gal I guess that sound right

Open yer valve then add water until it starts to flow. Sneezles61

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Get ready because I’m about to confuse you. False bottom (FB) dead space is really 2 measurements.
The first is how much water fits under the FB. You need to know this for your water:grist ratio as well as strike temps.
However if you have a dip tube you need to measure how much is left behind and add that to your sparge water.
What I would do is put enough water in to see how much it takes to get to FB. Measure that. Then drain it and measure what is left behind.

Not really all that confusing. There is an amount that is not in contact with the grist and an amount that is unusable in the end because you can’t reasonably drain it out.

With the small amount of dead space William is measuring it’s almost a non issue IMHO.

I would suggest having the hose connected just like you’re normal brewing process. I was disappointed in how much dead space my false bottom had with just the valve open before I remembered that with the hose and some gravity it would have suction.

Yes, what I was referring to, just didn’t elaborate well tho… Sneezles61

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