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Essential brewer starter kit

The kit comes with a 3ft of 3/8" ID tubing and 5ft of 5/16" ID hose but it doesn’t seem to fit the bottle filler or the auto siphon. I used the 3/8" ID tubing for bottling. What is the 5/16" ID hose for? Siphoning? I’ve brewed 2 batches so far and in the middle of a 3rd but didn’t use that hose for anything.

To fit the 5/16" tube to the autosiphon you need to soak, at least one end, in warm/hot water to make it flexible and force/stretch it around the autosiphon inlet.

The 3/8" tube should slide fairly easily onto the bottle filler and bucket.

You may want to invest in a larger autosiphon and/or a longer tube to ensure that you don’t have to splash beer or “fan” it down the side of your buckets.

+1. The wider (1/2"?) autosiphon is great. Cuts racking time in 1/2. And longer lines are a good idea too. Never know when a situation may dictate needing an extra few feet of tubing.

so what size hose does the 1/2" auto siphon use?

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