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Espresso Addition?

Hi All:

I have a porter in the secondary right now, and my plan is to cold brew some espresso grind Italian Roast coffee from a local roaster and add that to the keg to infuse it. If someone has had experience with adding cold pressed coffee at kegging, I’d like to hear your opinion on how much cold pressed coffee to add. I’m doing a standard 5 gallon batch of porter. Any suggestions?



I have but I used around 8 heaping tablespoons of coffee and placed that in a 1 gallon jar with about 3 pints of Vodka in it and repeated adding more coffee on the 3rd day.
I let that sit for a week swirling at least once a day.
I then used a Mr Coffee opened the basket put in a filter then poured the mix in it collecting the mix minus the grounds.

I then added this to the keg about a cup full at a time, I think I only used 2 cups, until I got the desired taste I was looking for. I used Kona coffee shipped from Hawaii cost me $34 with shipping for a lb.

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