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ESB Recipe advice

I was planning to brew up an ESB tomorrow and made a slight error when buying the grains yesterday and wanted some advice on how to fix the problem (if there actually is one.)

My original grain bill was:

10 # Munton’s Marris Otter
.5 # Munton’s Crystal (60 L I believe)

2 0unces Fuggle at 60 minutes
1 Ounce Fuggles at 5 minutes

London ESB - Wyeast 1968

As I was in a hurry and trying to speak on phone at the same time, I cut open the Crystal bag and added the whole pound and crushed it with the Marris Otter. Now I have:

10 # Marris Otter at 90.1 %
1 LB Crystal 60 at 9.9 %

Is that too much crystal at 10% of the grist?
I can use a rolling pin and try to add 1 lb of Marris Otter that I have lying around or maybe mash a little lower to dry it out?
or I can leave it alone and see what happens. Maybe that is not too much crystal afterall.

What does everyone think? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Could mash a bit lower to dry it out a touch to compensate but I’d bet the difference would barely be noticeable.

I don’t think that’s too much. I use 11% c40 in my bitter and it’s pretty good imo. I mash this one at 152. Just brewed a batch a week or so ago. Bittered with fuggle and styrian goldings, late additions of EKG and styrian.

Thanks for the responses. You have put me at ease. I was reading too many forum posts when formulating this recipe. It seems I got it in my head from someone that more than 7.5% Crystal would produce a cloying, sweet beer. I guess everyone has different tastes when it comes to Crystal malts. I am going to let it ride and mash at 152 degrees. If it is too sweet for my tastes, I will decrease the crystal next time. There is only one way to learn.

It will turn out great. No worries.

You’ll be fine.

+1 to those who said it will be fine. Depending upon the acid level in the hops, you may want to bump it up a bit to get it on the higher end of style guidelines. Also, I think most any English pale ale should be mashed to come out more dry, but this is otherwise about the same recipe I see in a lot of other places. Cheers!

Thanks for all the advice. I think everything was fine and hit the numbers as I intended. Kegged her two days ago to make room in the fermenter for my SN Celebration clone. Tastes alright and I know it is still young but I am thinking that Fuggle hops aren’t my favorite. Time will tell.

Seems fuggle is hit/miss with a lot of people. Give it time and worse comes to worse you could dry hop it with something else to add dimension.

If you’re not enjoying the Fuggles, you may want to give Sovereign a try. They’re similar to Fuggles but less earthy (or dirt clod, as some have described them). Sovereign plays nicely with Fuggles and also works well as a replacement. As luck would have it, I kegged a Sovereign and WGV ESB earlier tonight and it’s going to be wonderful.

I made an ESB a few months ago with EKG/Bramling Cross. It’s fantastic! The Bramling Cross is very unique, but has a great aroma.

It’s fantastic! The Bramling Cross is very unique

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