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Eruption in the 6.5 gallon brew pail

Looks as if I’ve got a blow out in progress in my brew pail. The blow out hose that came with my kit is way too big for the grommet on the pail lid. Any suggestions for what I should do next?

It’s blow off do you have a 3 piece air lock if you leave the top and the plastic piece out will the hose fit over the tube on the inside if so place the airlock in the grommet and the other end of the hose in a bucket of water. ... rlock.html

Thanks, I’m currently using the s shaped airlock. Knew I should have picked up a 3 piece.

can you pop out the grommet and fit the hose in the hole that way?

Man I just ran into this with a 1gal blackberry mead… 8 hours in and it went nuts, luckily I caught it before the 3 piece airlock blew, it was just starting to discolor.

Problem is I wasn’t ready and didn’t have the blowoff tubing to fit the center hole! Ohnoes! Quickly I rigged one up, I pulled the tip off a bottle wand and that fit into the #6 bung and then attached tubing to that, whew… lasted a little over a day and finally put a airlock back on it last night.



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