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Erratic Behavoir From My Caribou Slobber?

Question from a newbie. Aug 13 caribou slobber went into the primary. OG of 1.052. Aug 26th transferred to secondary.Everything seemed just quiet and fine. Sept 5th I noticed an emergence of yellow spotches on the surface that looked like yeast cakes or bubbles. Today there is a very thin head of foam/bubbles across the entire surface.

Airlock bubbling at about 3 times per minute. Hydrometer reading today was 1.02 It smelled and tasted just fine. I am assuming it is simply not yet done fermenting, but what has thrown me off is this is the first time this has happened.

Your thoughts welcome and thanks to all who respond.

Did you have a steady hydrometer reading before you transferred it?

Unfortunately no…

Nighthawk the only thing making me scratch my head is that this is my 6th brew and the 1st time I’ve had active fermentation in the secondary after a period of dormancy for lack of a better term…it’s like it came to life again and made me wonder about a gusher infection…???

I’d forget about it for two weeks and then check the gravity. Caribou slobber extract was my first beer it finished pretty high can’t remember but not too far from where you’re at. Did the beer change temps maybe get warmer after you transferred? Just give it time and mostly likely everything will be fine

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