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Erlenmeyer flask on an electric stove?

Hi everyone! I have been digesting information on here for a long time but now I have a question.

Can you put an Erlenmeyer flask directly on a flat top electric cook top? It would make the yeast starter process a lot simpler. If not, is there an easier way other than boiling it all in seperate pot and then transfering it to the flask?

Thanks in advance!

I have a gas stove and use an Erlenmeyer flask with no problem, but I have heard that electric stoves have been known to crack (thermal shock) the glass.

Yes you can put them directly on the stove top…we do it in our lab at work all day everyday. BUT, you will have a hot flask on your hands so I would advise strict caution while handling it.

You do this on an electric stove? Just confirming.

I do it on electric coil stovetops. Charlie Papazian suggests making a triangle out of a wire coat hanger to reduce the possibility of scorching.

We have a flat cooktop (glass) and I’ve been making starters on it for a few years now with no problems.

Well…I did the triangle hanger trick and it worked fine. Makes it a lot easier and one less surface for to sanitize.

Thanks everyone!

You can set the flask in a pan to diffuse the heat on an electric stove.

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