Erebus Russian Imperial Stout

“Erebus Imperial Stout” 9% ABV aged on French Oak-
I have not been this excited or nervous to try one of my beers since my first batch. For several reasons I felt this way. This recipe came from one of my online brewing friends, who has forgotten more about making wine and beer then I know. It is the biggest beer I have ever brewed at 9% ABV, and it is the first time I have used oak in a beer. This beer is still young for what it is, but it is fantastic, and one of the finest things I have ever created. It is exactly what I want in in a Russian Imperial Stout. I chose not add bourbon (and thought I might regret it). The nose is coffee and oak, color is pitch black (hence the name), and the taste on the front is vanilla-oak flavor that finishes into a very smooth chocolate with little bitterness. It is perfectly balanced and I could not be more pleased. I would be happy to place it beside many commercial offerings in a blind tasting. To be honest, I put off making this beer for a long time because I didn’t believe I had the skill. I now know better. I will plan a tasting soon, stop by. Baratone Brewer thanks for this recipe, and for patiently answering all of my pestering questions. You truly represent the brewing community and the great people I have met within it. Thanks man! Cheers! The zombies can come now…

Sounds mighty fine, man. I do love me a Russian Imperial… just don’t have the cajones to brew one yet. Enjoy.

It’s all a walk in the park after the 1st brew. :wink:

Congrats to a great beer. Love the butterfly opener!!!


Now the test of patience begins. :wink: