Equipment question

Hi, I am wondering what the pressure rating for the ball lock connectors are, specifically these…

I know the kegs are rated 130psi, any help would be appreciated.


What sort of pressures are you planning on putting them at? I don’t know the actual rating, but I’m sure they are rated for at least most pressures that they would see in homebrewing applications.

As with any system they are the weaker link, but rated close to the keg specs. The most important question is what you plan to do. If it is anything beverage related there should not be an issue. When force carbonating I typically start at 50psi and have never had an issue, and guessing they are made to work at at least twice that.

If it is for use in the nuclear science and thermal dynamics lab at school, this might not be the place to ask :slight_smile:

They make stainless steel ones for your nuclear lab experiments.

They might have a higher pressure rating. :smiley:

those are stainless steel I would think the pressure rating would be pretty high. The tubing connected to those would burst before the connectors would fail. I’m a pipe fitter by trade and all the stainless fittings and valves I’ve used had a very high pressure rating.

I have a set of those stainless ones and they are awesome. The straight head lets kegs fit under the low backside of the kegerator.