Equipment Conversion Questions

I have questions concerning some prospective equipment purchases. I’ve found some cheaper used dairy equipment that I want to use in my brewery. I’ll be using a 150 gallon balance tank for my brew kettle and just transfer with a motor. My question is concerning the fermenters…has anyone tried to convert a steam jacketed fermenter to glycol? Is it even possible? Also, I’ve found some great conical fermenters that don’t have pressurized lids on it. Does anyone have any experience fabricating stainless steel and clamping it down to keep it airtight/pressurize for transfers? I would really appreciate any advice anyone has to give on these topics.

???Not following you…I understand the steam jacket deal, but the switch to glycol…Will the glycol medium be used for…temp control, as in chilling?
The steam jacket is a pressure vessel, it wont care what you are pumping through it.

You should not need a lot of fabricating for a lid, as a flat piece of stainless would work, in conjunction with some seal material, ( silicone), and some type of clamps as pictured here: ... ps/=lgacyv

How much pressure do you / would you need to transfer?
I would guess, ( without a pic, or knowing your elevation change for transferring), that 5-6 psi would be enough to transfer.
You must remember though, how much force would be acting on the surface area of an 12 dia. disc, for example, times “5 or 6” psi.!

Post some pics of what you’re working with.