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Entering competion

Me thinking about entering. One of the brews i do at the brewery. In a competition but i have no idea how many bottles. Or rules

Typically you’ll be able to get all the info you need from the competition’s rules page. Most competitions will ask for two 12 oz bottles, with no identifying marks. Some may ask for up to four bottles. They may accept 22 oz. bottles, too.

What beer are you thinking of entering?

A bonaire blond. Its a blond beer leans more to a pale ale

If the comp is local you’re good. If you have to ship, be careful about shipping rules. For example the US Post Office forbids shipping alcoholic beverages.

Some mark the shipments as “Yeast samples” which is not technically wrong.

Its a international. Comp. Have to ship to the usa. Think will give it to a few clients. They can mail it true kinko

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