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Enhancing Flavors

I started an amber ale fermenting on the 22nd. SG two days ago was 1.009. Might be done fermenting but way to much suspended sediment to think about bottling. Will probably have this one in the primary for a full three weeks.

So the longer it ages in the fermenting keg the better. Does the same apply after bottling? You guys are very helpful. Thank you very much. If I ever get a good batch i will have to send you guys one to try.

I let my beers clear in the primary. There will be less sediment in the bottle which means more beer to pour. This amber will condition for three weeks in the bottle before chilling one for a couple of days to check the carbonation level.

What do you mean by clear?

Extending primary fermentation to 3 weeks gives the beer time to clear; yeast will flocculate and drop, proteins will precipitate out, and flavors will mature and improve.


Thinking of starting a batch of Cooper’s Cerveza tomorrow. I would like to add a little lime. Should I do that before I add the yeast and start fermenting or later on?

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