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Enhancing a Hefe any suggestions?

Hi All,
I’ve made NB’s Bavarian Hefe extract a few times and really enjoy the flavor. It’s become one of my mainstays. I’ve added coriander and honey in the past which really came out great. I was wondering what grain I could add to increase the malt character and overall taste. I was thinking about some honey malt and maybe some flaked barley? Any groovy suggestions from you crazy cats out there?
Thanks, Mike

Are you doing all grain? You could try a decoction mash. That improves malt character I hear.
I’ve not tried the kit yet but it’s gonna be one of my first warm weather brew days and I’m planing a decoction for the sake of trying it.

For the time being I’m an extract / specialty grain brewer. Any 1 pound grain tips?

You could use some caramel wheat and/or some type of crystal malt. I have made Hefe with up to 2 lbs of caramel wheat that was really good. Depending on how much you use and how dark of crystal/caramel you use, you might start to approach a dunkelweizen, which is basically a darker/maltier weizen.

Thank you.

If you aren’t using the liquid yeast (WY3787 or WLP300) that will definitely help in producing the banana and clove flavors that are the hallmark of this beer style. Ferment in the low to mid 60’s for a nice balance from either of those two yeasts.

I would also suggest steeping 1lb of Caramunich I and adding that to the wort, that will give the beer some extra sweetness and a bread crust flavor that accentuates the fruitiness and bready flavor of the wheat. The caramel wheat idea is another way to go on this.

I usually think of coriander (and orange peel) going in a Belgian witbier style. You might give one of those a try if you like that, it is another tasty wheat beer style.

Thank you for the input. I intented on using WY3068 Weihenstephan Wheat as listed on the recipe however your suggestion sounds like a nice spicy step up. Unfortunately, in South FL, I cannot achieve that low of a fermentation temp, the best I can get is +/- 74deg. Per both suggestions above I’m leaning toward 1/2 lb carawheat and 1/2 lb caramunich.

Use a swamp cooler, a plastic tub or cooler with a few gallons of water that you can put your fermentor in. Then add a couple of frozen water bottles each day, that will get you in the mid 60s at least.

TomSawyer, why WY3787? That’s a Belgian strain right?

Because I’m stupid and meant 3068.

For a minute there I though you might be sharing a cool or at least alternative play on the style 8)

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