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English Pale Ale with McVities?

LOML just returned from a business trip to Bonn and London. She brought back three very nice pils , a Munich hells, and 3 kilos of McVities digestive biscuits. I have a strange love affair with these damn biscuits. But 6 tubes?? Oy!

As a half hearted joke and experiment, I am thinking of crushing up one of these tubes of McVities and throwing them in a small batch of an English pale ale. Samuel Smiths pale ale being my standard.

Is this a dumb idea?? There is some fat in the cookies, so I might have issues with head retention.

No dumb ideas… Just inquisitive idiots!

Must be my day to Google stuff from the forum. Had to search a few things I never heard of and McVities digestive biscuits was one.

From what I can gather they are mostly grain, one being course brown wheat flower that could make your beer cloudy but who cares in an experimental beer. I would try it. Really doesn’t sound that odd and could come out great. If you do please post how it came out.

No idea how it would turn out, but you should call it Old Blighty Biscuit Bitter. Couldn’t be more British if it were served by the queen on a train.

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