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English Pale Ale Extract Kit

Interested in hearing people’s results with this brew. Just moved from Primary (2 weeks) to Secondary, and tried a sample while measuring the gravity. Seemed void of almost any flavor - really bland. Plan on leaving it in Secondary for 4 weeks, but I’m not sure how much more flavor will appear.

Gravity when I moved it was 1.016. Original was 1.050. So it seems to have fully fermented.

When I brewed, the Wyeast smack pack hardly inflated - which was a concern. So I ended up putting the wort in the carboy but not pitching until the next day. Even then the pack had only slightly inflated. But the fermentation did seem very active once it got started and the numbers seem to indicate it worked. (I’ll be making a starter next time.)

Curious if anyone has had good our bad results with this kit.


I have found over the years that gravity samples are not a good indicator of what the finished beer will taste like. Just give it time and you will be ok.

Good Luck, & Cheers!

In my experience, carbonation tends to enhance both hop flavor and bitterness. I’ve had some gravity samples that didn’t taste anything like the finished product.

I brewed that kit about a year ago and was pretty disappointed with it, too. I went for low carbonation per style, and that didn’t help. But otherwise, it was a pretty unremarkable beer. Not really bad, just not good. I’m not sure what the style is supposed to taste like. At the time I brewed it expecting an American pale ale and then realized the difference between the two. Time really did help this one out, though. So if it’s not what you’re looking for, hopefully you can just put it to the side and wait.

An English pale ale isn’t going to be a hugely flavorful beer like an American pale ale. Pick up a Bass if you’ve never had one and that should give you an idea of what to expect.

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