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English IPA Hops

I’m planning an English IPA (English cause I plan on sticking with MO and English hop varieties) and I want it to have a front-end bite with a slightly malty, abundantly hoppy finish. I generally like to stick to the Mosher paradigm of using low-alpha varieties, both for bittering and flavor/aroma. If I work with Fuggles and EKG, say Fuggles for ‘bittering’ and flavor additions, and EKG for aroma, will I still be able to get the bite I am looking for?

Basically, are higher alphas required for ‘bite?’

As a partial aside, I am planning on adjusting water a little to the bitter side using chloride/sulfate balance.

Thanks for the input!

Not necessarily, although you need to explain exactly what you mean by “bite”. Alpha acids are interchangeable as far as simple bitterness goes so 3 ounces of 5% hops give the same amount as 1 ounce of 15% hops. However, hop varieties can be very different in their impact on the beer. None of the English varieties have the acrid and sharp punch of high alpha American C hops but that’s probably not what you want in this beer anyway. There are some UK bittering hops like Target and Phoenix that are in the 10% range and they have relatively neutral flavor and won’t get in the way of the low alphas. Challenger comes in at 7-8% has both good flavor and blends very well with hops like Goldings and Fuggles.

Great, thanks for the suggestion. What I mean by ‘bite’ is a well-defined bitterness at the beginning that is replaced by an even, rounded hop aroma. Basically, I want some bitterness, but not to feel like I’ve eaten a grassy lemon.

Are either Fuggles or EKG better suited for dry-hopping?

Are either Fuggles or EKG better suited for dry-hopping?[/quote]

IMO, id go with EKG. or a mix.

smell them, whichever you think smells ‘best’ will be your best bet for aroma hops

Fuggles would be good. I think Lagunitas IPA is all willamette which I’ve been told is pretty similar to fuggles.

Lagunitas IPA has a 30 min addition of Willamette but that’s the only addition of it. It has 30 min charge of Centennial, and Cascade at end of boil as well as both as a dry hop. The bittering addition is something high alpha or hop extract, can’t remember which.

If you get some fresh, English Fuggles, they are very resiny. If you use enough to bitter to 45-50 IBU, you should get the bite you are looking for. Balance that off with East Kent Goldings for flavor and Aroma, and you have a wonderful beer. I don’t care for Willamette most of the time though. I have had some metallic beers when using this hop.

Stay away from American Fuggles unless you like the taste of dirt. :cheers:

Haha, well noted. I like UK Fuggles and Williamette (a Fuggle breed, right?) so I probably would have tried US Fuggles.

US Tettnager is reportededly a fuggles. I would dry hop with fuggles. It has a high farnesene content.

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