English Brown Ale

I am not sure if anyone has read the Dresden files books, but a character named Mac makes what i would assume is an English Brown Ale. This is the quote from the book to give some reference to his brew. " I went over to the pantry and grabbed a couple of brown bottles. I used an old bottle opener to take off the lids and took the drinks back to Murphy. She took her bottle in hand and eyed it suspiciously. “It’s warm.” “It’s the new recipe. Mac would kill me if he heard I served his brown cold.” I took a pull from my bottle. The ale had a rich, full flavor, a little nutty, and it left a pleasant aftertaste lingering in the mouth. Make what jokes you will about trendy micro brews. Mac knew his stuff. Murphy made a face. “Ugh. Too much taste.” So my question is does anyone know of a good recipe for a beer that may taste like this? Thanks for the help.

You could pick any English style brown ale recipe. A person that had only tasted Bud Lite, would say anything had to much taste. The writer probably chose to write “brown ale” just because it sounded better than “extra special bitter” as it is read in the book.

Try northern Brewers nut brown kit. I haven’t brewed it but it’s well reviewed and might fit the bill