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Empty kegs

I had an empty keg and I filled it about halfway with star San and sealed it with co2. When I went to use it about a month later it wasn’t still under pressure. I’m assuming the co2 was absorbed. My question is should I have been replacing the co2 as it was absorbed or not. Thanks

Why did you leave the star san in there? Once sanitized and sealed, nothing is going to get in to contaminate the keg, so the star san serves no useful purpose. But the keg will stay sealed better if there is nothing to absorb the gas. And if the pressure is gone from a pressurized but empty keg, you know for certain you’ve got a leak that needs fixing.

All my buckets were filled so I figured it would be a good place to keep it.

You’ve been busy :cheers:

Can’t see as it harmed anything. The keg lids stay sealed pretty well even if they are not pressurized.

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