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EMERGENCY - S-05 instead of T-58 in a witbier?

I just started steeping a Blonde Ale witbier. I always check my order before Is tart but I didn’t this time. Turns out that Midwest didn’t send me my damn T-58 yeast.

All I have laying around is a S-05. I wonder what would happen with an S-05 in a witbier? Perhaps I should steep it, rack into a fermentor and wait until Midwest ships me the right stuff? Or go with the S05 and see what happens?

I wouldn’t, but I’m a firm believer in the right yeast for the job. A witbier is a specific style that needs a specific yeast. You could use it. It will ferment. You’ll probably have a good beer, but it won’t be a witbier.

Since you’ve already started I think it would be best to brew on and use the US-05. Obviously you’re not going to get the yeast profile you were after in the beer but it will make a good beer nonetheless. Call it a plain ale instead of a wit :smiley:

My experience with MW the last few years is that their shipping is slow, it takes 5-7 days to get my orders and I only live 5 hours from the TCs. If you want to wait for the right yeast I’d probably freeze the steeped grain wort rather than let it sit around for several days in a fermenter. Or have them send some new grain.

Yeah, I’ve found their shipping times to be less that optimal, too (North Alabama). This oversight of the yeast (even though it was my fault for not inspecting my inventory) was the last straw.

For science’s sake, I’m gonna go ahead and pitch the S-05. Then I’ll place one last order of the same kit. That will present the perfect opportunity to learn what difference a yeast makes.

As long as it’s a drinkable beer, I’m good.

Thanks, y’all.

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