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Emergency beer!

As I sit, hiding from the in-laws, at my computer on this Easter weekend, I am struck with two thoughts:

  1. I really should have laid in some homebrew for my vacation. Saranac isn’t cutting it.

  2. I have my first all-grain ‘big-beer’ in mind…(I’ve been running session beers for a year.)…The name?>>>Mother-In-Lager…

You might be able to get a second, smaller beer out of your left over runnings. Call it ‘Daughter’ and then go tap it.

+1 to the above, a partigyle is a great way to maximize your effort for a big beer.

You also should plan ahead to ensure you have enough yeast. Brew a normal ABV beer first, then transfer it to secondary the day of your big-beer brew. After chilling, just transfer the high gravity wort into the same fermentor onto the yeast cake. No need to wash the fermentor first.

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