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Electric Brew-in-a-Bag Homebrew System

Anyone have experience with this system?

The things I like about this system are: it takes up a very small space, mash tun and kettle are all-in-one and it’s automated with a touch screen through mashing and your boil. The controller times and temperatures can be adjusted through a simple software interface on a PC. Also, there is a lot less to clean up.

I hope that some day I have enough money in the bank to not flinch when I see those kind of prices.

you could build a lot better system than that for the money they are charging…way expensiove

It’s all relative; how about this?

Now that’s expensive!

[quote=“Kloster Brau”]It’s all relative; how about this?

Now that’s expensive![/quote]

not really, have a freind who has a simlar electric operated brewery and built it for around 1k

After checking it out, the only thing I came away with was “BUY NOW”.

Looks nice, but one of the reasons I got into BIAB was to SAVE money by not having to buy more equipment.

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I went to BIAB as I was living in a 900sqft row home in Baltimore City with no back yard. I guess in short, it was to DE-gear. I have found though that I really like brewing this way. I opted to invest in (ie ask my wife to buy me for our 1-year anniversary) the Blichmann top tier burner, which has really shortened my brew day. With the BIAB, a mash out and single sparge, I am from pulling my stuff out to stuff put away, me on the couch in 3.5 hours.

Anyone want to buy a beer gun, Shirron and/or march pump with quick disconnects? Seriously, they are going on eBay soon.

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