I have a problem with the Sierra Madre Pale Ale kit.

I split the kit in half and freeze the remaining liquid malt extract, then I divide all the quantities by two.
I brew in a Mr.Beer plastic 2 gallon container.
I moved it to the bottles with corn sugar after two weeks and store it in the closet at 76F (I live in Florida, so it is warm, but the room is in the dark under AC).
I bottled it Nov 1st.
This is 10 days later.
Now opened a warm bottle and there was a lot of air coming out, like when you try to open a shaken beer container, poured it in a glass, formed a thick foam, leaving flat beer behind. The taste is good and it is there, but the air is escaping too quickly.
So I think it was either over carbonated or infected by something, as not all the bottles are like this.
I pried them open and found 2 gusher bottles, the rest seem fine. Even the gusher ones do not taste bad.

Should I move it to the fridge, is there a way to keep the air bubbles in? can I still save this?

I’m sort of new to beer brewing, successfully brewed about 4 batches, but used cane sugar every time before now…

Thank you,

Chill those suckers. The warmer they are the faster C02 will come out of suspension. :cheers:

Chill a few bottles in the refrigerator for at least three days. This should stop the foaming, if there is no infection. Chilling also drops the yeast to the bottom of the bottle. Don’t disturb the bottom sediment after chilling or when pouring, which means a smooth pour with no “glugs”. Watch as you pour and leave the sediment in the bottle.

Ten days is a short time to bottle condition most beers. After you taste the first chilled beers, you may want to give the remaining bottles another week.

Just wondering why you would open them warm anyway ?

Help me understand this… How much wort did you ferment? 1/2gal?

How much corn sugar did you use to prime?

I followed the recipe just split it in half to brew 2.5 gallons instead of 5.
It turns out 3 of the bottles were gushers, i let some of the air out. I opened the plastic bottle because it seemed really hard. I am in Florida so the time it takes to carbonate is quicker. I’m having guests over Saturday and wanted to check if the beer is ok to serve. I’ll move it to the fridge on Thursday and let it carbonate until then.
It was just in the 3 bottles, maybe they weren’t sterile.

Thanks for the answers I know I still have a lot to learn.