Edelmetal Burner Question

I am retiring my old ring burner after 25+ years, so I just opened the box that holds the new Edelmetal burner from NB. Really awesome! My concern is in the “WARNING” section it states to not operate while consuming “alcohol” which really puts my “Skivies in a twist”! I’d hate to have to send it back because of this, it really is a work of art of “Rembrandt type beauty and style”! I’m pacing back and forth with the BBQ striker in my hand trying to decide what next. Put it back in the box or tarnish that beautiful brass finish?? I have 2 batches scheduled for this week. What to do??

There’s a similar warning on cough syrup bottles regarding operating heavy machinery I believe. So if you’ve ever taken Robitussin and driven your bulldozer…I say fire up that burner sparky and get brewing!

Warning labels just suck the joy out of life, don’t they?

As long as you’re not burning the house down or CO poisoning yourself, you’re a big boy, do as you like.

Just don’t get arrested for a BWI :lol:

Just the reply I was waiting for. You guys ROCK!! Fire away!!

Well played, guys, well played… :mrgreen: