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E-mails from NB

Though some of the e-mails are kinda silly, good for a chuckle maybe, like Gift card VS socks today, it’s not really helping sales here.

Maybe a nice coupon, % off, or free shipping, etc… would do a bit more for sales than the silly e-mails.

Your in competition with Cycle Parts (on sale), Computer stuff (big sales and free shipping), Tires ( %off and free shipping), and lots of other things.
All those other things are items I could use the day I get them, whereas BEER will take 4 weeks or so before I can use it LOL
OK, maybe I could use a kit the day I get it, but you know what I mean, can’t actually use the BEER for awhile.

I keep planning to order some new kits or supplies to make some homebrew, keep putting it off though with all the other stuff in life coming up.

How about something nice in the next E-mail to encourage those of us on the edge of buying some stuff to get R done.
Maybe a nice 10-20% off coupon and free shipping or something?
Wife don’t care much about my Man Cave, and she don’t ride on the Bike.
But I say, “Hey Honey, look how much I save if I buy this NOW” and I get my Bike stuff ordered LOL

Happy Holidays Ya’ll

I agree, none of their emails have prompted me to make a purchase. I think the reason you don’t see a lot of discounting and free shipping is due to the fact that while home brewing (and wine making) is growing in popularity, it’s still a relative small, specialized market. That being the case, there’s not a lot of suppliers, so retailers are buying from the same wholesalers which keeps their margins about the same, which I’d imagine aren’t that big.

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