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Duvel Yeast

Does anybody knows if the yeast in a Duvel bottle is the one used during the original fermentation by Moortgat Brewery?
I just made a starter from the yeast from a Duvel bottle that had a best before date of 05/2014. But I don’t want to waste 14 lbs of grains on a batch if the yeast is not the original. I made a batch 2 years ago with the Wyeast 1388, and that did not at all come out as spicy as the real Duvel.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes, it is the same yeast. And I can guarantee you that WY1388 IS the Duvel yeast. It’s much more reliable than trying to culture the yeast from a high gravity beer like Duvel. I’ve used 1388 a number of times and always made beer that was remarkably like Duvel. Just use pils malt, sugar and 1388.

? no hops? :lol:

Saaz. 2.5 oz. for boiling and 1.0 for last 10 min

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