Duplicating the partigyle mash

I’ve been making DC’s Old Stoner BW for a few years now. Won in a local homebrew competition, great recipe DC !! I’ve been making an IPA with the partigyle/2nd run of the mash bumping the OG with DME. My BW inventory is so high that I may not make it this year. The problem I have is that I really like the IPA from the 2nd run and may want to make it. My question is ‘if I use the same grain bill/ratios (compensating for the DME) and do my usual single infusion/batch sparge, would I expect the same malt character as with the 2nd run from the BW?’ Thx.

Can’t see why not. Just put the ingredients in a calculator in the right proportions, than adjust the total amount until you get the right gravity. What’s the grain bill?

My experience is no, the malt charactor from the second mash is not the same. It tends to be a bit more “washed out” than if it was done as a dedicated beer. Not sure why, if the gravity is the same and the malts are used in the same proportion I’d expect them to be the same, but they are not. However, if you are going for an IPA, the hops dominate and the malt charactor may be close enough that it is hard to notice a difference.

Let us know how it works out if you try it.

MAYBE, never tried this, you could go ahead and collect the 1st running and then “dilute” with water and either make a larger batch of lower gravity beer or 2 smaller “diluted” beers from the 1st runnings. This would leave you with the appropriate Partigyle beer you have brewed in the past.

Get what I’m trying to say? :lol:

Say you are brewing 5 G batches.

1st batch is either 10 G (lower gravity) than the usual BW. OR 1st batch is 2- 5 G batches of (lower gravity than the BW). You could do different hops / yeast… for each 5 G batch that way.

Partigyle would be just like you usually get.

Just my 2 cents! :shock:

Good Luck