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Dumping apple juice on a spent keg

So this idea just came to me brain… After a few refreshments… I have a keg to just about kick, the yeast is Whites 001… Instead of rinsing and throwing dormant yeast down the drain from the keg, I’ll put 5 gallons of apple juice on top of them, leave the keg at room temp with the gas side coupling hooked up as a blow off tube… Simple stuff… Sneezles61

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Sounds positively old school and I like it!

Slick idea!

It’s amazing how you can simply dump apple juice in and it just takes off… Whites 001 is the yeast I like best… Dry! Sneezles61

Sounds so easy and simple. Now next question. Can you make a yeast starter with Apple juice. It contains sugars. To keep the yeast going. All the info say you should use dme. For beer

I’ve made a starter with apple juice for cider. Although I add nutrient to every starter it’s important with apple juice as it’s lacking some that will assist in a complete, healthy fermentation.


I don’t think the yeast are in good health after fermenting simple sugars… Like Loopie sez, a yeast nutrient would help… I haven’t saved any yeast from the cider making process either… That would be another one for the " to do" list. Sneezles61

Don’t save the yeast from cider it’s smelly

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Ill check it out when this keg is done fermenting… Sneezles61

It’s been bubbling every 3/4 of a second since Sunday night. I can hear it at night whilst the house is quiet… Competing with the clock! My wife has commented about that a couple of times… It may need to go out to the garage if it doesn’t slow down… Sneezles61

Now you have me thinking. Might try that with Kveik. Where do you get the apple juice? Just supermarket stuff? Must have to get pasteurized stuff so no chemicals.

I had apple juice with breakfast this morning and have forgotten how good it tastes.

I’ve made cider with store bought most don’t have anything in them. Comes out a but thin. Maybe the organic unfiltered. Need that pulp. I’ve also done 50/50 regular and jugs of seasonal fresh cider with the sorbate. Still ferments. If you go with straight Mott’s style add a lb of raisons for some body. Jus my opinion

I can buy one gallon jugs from the store up here… It’s called Indian Summer… I have the option of apple juice or apple cider… I don’t know what the difference is… They’re both N/A… I serve very cold and high CO2… It’s comparable to champagne Sneezles61

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