Dumped trub with wort..............?

Long story short, I dumped the trub with the wort into the carboy for my Olde English Strong ale that I brewed New Years Eve for Next Christmas. Excellent fermentation and I will be racking to secondary for bulk aging in 3 weeks. Currently there is a layer of Crap that I’m estimating at 3/4 of a gallon accumulated at the bottom. Do I need to take any precautions when I move it to secondary or do I just rack the approx. 4.50 gallons above the crap. Thanks

No worries. Many brewers make no particular effort to avoid putting trub in the primary, myself included. When you rack to secondary (or straight to the bottling bucket, secondaries are rarely necessary) just take care to rack above the gunk.

This will not be bottled until the first week of November 2013. My initial calculations give me a preliminary ABV of 12-13% and I think bulk aging is the way to go, therefore, the secondary. Small/ session beers go directly to keg.

Yeah, I didn’t notice that you said it was an english strong until after I already posted. That one probably is a good candidate for secondary. Regardless though, don’t worry about the trub, just try to keep most of it out of the secondary and you’ll be fine.