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Dumbest mistake in a while

So for some strange reason, even brewing regular 5 gallon batches, I beer supply has been dwindling. Kegs have been kicking left and right. So I decide to make a big batch yesterday, 10 gallons of Dead Ringer/2 Hearted clone.

Everything goes fine except trying to move 2 x the weight around with a bad back. Wort was not quite cool enough last night, so I put into my fermentation fridge and this morning go to add yeast slurry. As soon as I added from the quart jar I realized that what I added was Bavarian LAGER Yeast! Yea, it was early. Not sure, maybe should have left it at that, but then added 1056 slurry as well.

What are the chances this will turn out decent? What temp should I ferment at? Should I ferment cold (48-50*) to keep down the 1056 fermentation and treat like a IPL or should I ferment middle of the road (57-60*) to get some of both or should I ferment like a normal ale (60-64*) and let both yeasts strains go crazy? What would the lager yeast do in the low 60’s? Off flavors?

I think you’re gonna be fine just fermenting in the 60’s. You shouldn’t get any off flavors from the lager yeast. You won’t get that super clean lager profile because you’ve got the ale yeast in there anyway. So don’t worry about it. All those hops stomp out any subtle flavor from the yeast anyway.

As an aside… I have an acquaintance who retired from being a master brewer from AB. Anyway, apparently Bud is fermented with 6 different strains of yeast. So I wouldn’t worry much about having 2 strains in yours. It’ll probably have a lot more flavor than Bud too.

Thanks, that makes me feel a bit better. I think I am going to start fermentation in the high 50’s and up a little every couple days. I would not be so ticked if it was not a big batch!

It’s a little late now, but if you were really concerned, you probably could’ve repeated your boiling and cooling, then pitched the correct yeast.

I’m curious to how it turns out. Who knows it may be awesome some of the best inventions were created by mistake

The theory being the boiling would kill all the yeast, right?

Yeah. That was my theory. I’ve never tried it though.

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