Dumb questions

I started my kit beer (irish red) a week ago, (approx. 24+ hours the fermentor showed a loy of action for ~3 days and then started slowing down) now the action in the fermentor (8th day) is about one in ten minutes. should I start the second fermentation at this point or wait until it stops completely?

I have new bottles from NB, should I wash them in the dish washer or sink before sanitizing?

Whats the best temperature and light condition for the second fermentation?

I would say transfer and wait another 7-14 days from what i recall. also use a sanitizer for the bottles - i have successfully used the no-rinse sanitizer for all of my brewining and winemaking and never had an issue. room temps and normal to minimal light - i never worried about shutting it away and never had any issues.

I am sure others will have their thoughts on this too.

I just finished up with an Irish Red. I did 8 days primary, 16 days secondary, 15 days bottled. It turned out great.

Has your SG stabilized? If not, you are not ready to bulk age in the secondary. I have never aged an Irish Red Ale and they always were excellent.


Secondary fermentation is when you add new fermentables (fruit/honey…) or new yeast (brett/lambic…) to the beer.

Bulk aging can be done in the original fermenter. Or by transferring to a new vessel. It should be done AFTER fermentation is done. You know this has occurred when 2 hydrometer readings are the same, 2-4 days apart.

My MO is to forget about the beer for 3-4 weeks. Then bottle or keg. I don’t like the work of cleaning and sanitizing more equipment than necessary. :wink:

You should still keep it covered or in the dark.