Dumb Move

I made a couple gallons of star san sanitizer to sanitize some kegs. Like an idiot, I grabbed the wrong keg, the one that still had about 2 cups of sanitizer sitting in the bottom, and siphoned a five gallon batch right into it. When you’re done thinking what a moron I am,can you tell me if i can even safely try it? is it dangerous to drink? Should I just dump it? Or can I at least carbonate it and give it a taste?


It should be fine.

Drink it.

I hope you’re star san was properly diluted.

If you read through past forum posts, you’ll see that you are the latest in a long and noble line of homebrewers who have inadvertently done the same thing (myself included). If you mixed the StarSan correctly, you probably won’t taste a difference.

Been there, done that. Still here. RDWHAHB

a warning though: it will make you a Green Bay fan. robotninja was a redskins fan before the star san incident.

I agree that if you mixed the star san correctly that you will be fine. For me i use 1/2 oz. per 2 1/2 gal… 2 cups of star san, in 5 gal. wort, I wouldn’t worry about it.

thx guys, I just needed people to tell me it was ok.

I definitely mixed it right, using the fill lines right on the sanitizer bottle and a beer bucket with gallon markings. Being a Chicago native and huge bears fan, I worry about Edward’s comment, but I’ll chance it and drink the hopped up kolsch anyway.

Its true, craziest thing is I didnt even change my avatar it just was that way. Now i cant even change it back if i wanted to. The beer gods must love Green Bay or something.

I think everybody does something like that eventually. I know I have. Don’t worry about it.