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Dumb FG question!

[quote=“Shanhorn”]Which leads me to believe that when The 2nd & 3rd batches of our inaugural ‘Friday the 13th Wheat’ become a reality, they too will be that much better that the original![/quote]As you gain experience and the big things (sanitation, yeast health and pitch rate, fermentation temps) become ingrained in your process, you’ll be able to focus on the small stuff and with a bit more practice you might find that you’re making beer that’s at least as good as what you can buy.

My Sanitary habits have been honed quite well, I just wast using Star-san! Now every thing I wash gets sanitized, dishes pot n pans etc totally AR/OCD This is almost old hat now, I wanna do a partial mash!

Since you’ve only been on the forum for a couple of days, I guess it isn’t unreasonable for you not to know that I spend a huge amount of time here, most of it answering questions asked by newbies, most of them not for the first time. (For example: you can insert inline quotes using the [quote][/quote] tags.) A lot of folks do even more than I. I don’t have an “obligation” to share anything. I do it because I want to help. So maybe before you called me out over your assumptions about my actions, you should have checked my posting history.

Anyway, my point was that presenting over-simplified information without context is only going to cause a new brewer problems. An in-depth analysis is required to properly interpret something like an SG reading, and that’s where a forum comes into play. This is where people should ask those questions, as opposed to getting worried over nothing.

And saying “with all due respect” doesn’t give you carte blanche to be disrespectful.

@a10t2 Thanks 4 the quote help! Now I must ask if all is well after the fire, we were visiting in late August, stayed @ The Wyman’s caboose. Sat at your bar sipping samples from a can pored into a glass. We visit most every August for Silverton Brewery, Montanyas, all the fine eaterys. 4x4 onBlack Bear, Imogene, California Gulch, Cinnamon(my co-brewers name) & Engineer. Also D&S Railfest happens that time of year.

I best get to bed, Brewday Monday!

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